ABJ Story about the I Live Here, I Give Here campaign

I read an article in the Austin Business Journal a couple of Thursdays ago, late one afternoon at work, about a new campaign to increase charitable giving locally. The campaign is called I Live Here, I Give Here, and its focus is to increase the amount of charitable giving Austinites do every year.

How are they going to do this? By raising awareness about local issues and needs. And by implementing a grassroots campaign to train connected people to share this information with their contacts, friends, coworkers, fellow church members… everyone they know. This approach – having Austinites encouraged to give by their trusted friends – is the absolute best way to increase philanthropy in Austin.

But how do you measure this? Tough to do. The campaign will mark where we are now in philanthropic giving and mark again a few years later. Not the most scientific metrics, but it can show growth.

The hardest part for the campaign will be in maintaing momentum. The project’s off to a strong start – at least everyone I’ve talked to has heard about it. But how to you maintain and even grow this? I’ll be very interested to see how this goes.


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