Touring CARITAS tomorrow

A few weeks ago I met Sarah Michel, part of the brilliant CARITAS development team, at an AFP lunch. She was very supportive of the idea behind GoodCause, and invited me to take a tour of CARITAS. Of course, I’m taking her up on the offer.

Now that the organizations hugest fundraiser of the year is over (the annual Harvey Penich Award Dinner held at the Four Seasons), Sarah has generously offered to introduce me to what they do at CARITAS.

CARITAS is one of those organizations that has a hard time coming up with an “elevator pitch.” On their Web site they say they, “provide rent, utilities, food, and support to people in need,” but – gosh! – isn’t that like saying “We do everything?”

I’ll definitely have more details about what this incredible organization does after my tour tomorrow. I’m so excited!


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