Did you donate your Taco Bell taco?

This I love. From The Chronicle of Philanthropy blog, Give and Take:

“The fast-food company Taco Bell is giving away free tacos to any person who stops into one of its restaurants this afternoon as part of a promotion tied to the World Series. But instead of encouraging consumers to stuff themselves with free food, an anonymous group has started a Web site that seeks to turn the promotion into an effort to raise money for victims of the California wildfires.

DonateYourTaco.com is encouraging those who aren’t planning to cash in on the free taco promotion to sign an online petition. For every name collected on the petition, the site’s organizers plan to ask Taco Bell for a cash donation equivalent to the value of a free taco to the American Red Cross.”

Read the rest of the blog entry here: http://philanthropy.com/giveandtake/article/362/donate-your-taco-to-charityWell, free taco day was today, Tuesday, for a couple of hours this afternoon. I don’t know how many people lined up at Taco Hell to get their free nasty taco thing, but the taco-donation site reported just over 9,200 unclaimed tacos.

Will Taco Bell run for the border? I mean, this means that – at 77 cents a taco – the mega food chain will have to hand over … more than $7,000 to the Red Cross! I think they shred that much in twenties every day when they run out of lettuce.

Come on, Taco Bell! Make a clever marketing promotion even better. Give the Red Cross it’s dang money.

I have never eaten at Taco Bell in my life (I’m a native Texas Mexican-American, after all. We just don’t do these things as long as our mothers are alive.) BUT if I hear that Taco Bell does donate the money, I will buy one of those dang 77-cent tacos.

Though I might give it away.


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  1. UPDATE: Taco Bell is not going to donate money to the Red Cross in response to DonateYourTaco.com’s efforts.

    The bad news is, they’re cheaper than I thought. The good news – I don’t have to ever go in a Taco Bell. And neither do you, anymore.

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