I know why you volunteer

Actually, I don’t know why you, in particular, volunteer. But I can guess. What do you think? Be honest. What’s the real reason why you volunteer?

I’m going to do something crazy and offer up three major reasons. Now, I know I don’t have but three readers out there (if that many), but I’m hoping to get some feedback on this one.

Am I missing one? Are these reasons too simple? Which one do you fall under? If a little of each, what’s the ranking?

Okay, here are my three guesses as to why people volunteer.

1. To do good
2. To feel good
3. To look good

And, just to be fair, I’m going to throw myself under reason #2. There, I said it.


One Response

  1. I volunteer to help my community. I am part of two very different groups and from each I have met a variety of people. I’m building my own community by participating in it. I plan on helping and working with these groups for a long time to come.

    As for “looking good” – when I do my work, no one “sees” me. So alot of what I do is only “seen” by me.

    I was taught that you give to receive. Give to others the good you have and receive good from others. Giving = good karma.

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