Toured People’s Community Clinic today

People’s Community Clinic

Every time I meet more people in the nonprofit community, I am assured of two things: 1.) That there are so many great stories out there just waiting to be told, and 2.) that I am completely overwhelmed by them and need help!

Before the holidays, Margaret Henkels, director of development, and Regina Rogoff, CEO, invited me to meet with them and get a tour of the People’s Community Clinic. Abby Williamson, resource development associate, joined us. These are three women with long careers in nonprofits and development, and they’re now leading one of the best-run operations in Austin. Of course I said yes.

Turns out I got to talk as much about GoodCause as they did about PCC. Needless to say, PCC was much more interesting. I’ll write more about them tomorrow, but I discovered many new leads and story ideas this morning, not to mention got a lot of inspiration from their work.

It is beyond belief what PCC accomplishes – Margaret told me they has more than 700 babies/mommies get pre- and post-natal care last year alone! The community absolutely needs organizations like this, and with these ladies and a very strong board at the helm, PCC looks to have a very sustainable future.

More later about how to get involved with PCC. You’ll want to hear about volunteer and donor opportunities at this organization.


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