I smell a magazine…

I just wanted to post a note saying that I’m really excited about our first print issue. I sat down with Torquil today to go through our editorial calendar and see if we had a good mix of stories, a good handle on deadlines, enough money to pay for it all, etc. This is the really fun part – the part when you start to visualize the magazine but haven’t started the working-until-4 am phase yet. (Though for magazine dorks like us, that’s the fun part, too.)

It’s going to be a small issue, just enough to saddle stitch, we hope. But not from lack of content. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The more people I meet….

Like today: I spoke to Ann Stafford who handles community affairs at Spansion. Totally charming and interesting. Been in nonprofits for more than 20 years. Obviously knows and loves Austin. And just as obviously, has some great stories. She’s among the group of profesionals at large companies who handle community affairs and coordinate teams of employee volunteers to serve at different times of the year, all over town. I could learn a lot from this woman. People like her know – and helped create – Austin’s philanthropic community.

I know we haven’t printed the first issue… but I can’t wait for the second. And third.


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