This Wednesday, if you’re going to happy hour anyway…

Photo from AllDayBuffet event

Abby Williamson of People’s Community Clinic suggests that if you’re going to have a drink on Wednesday night anyway, you should have it at Ninety Proof on East 2nd Street. Here’s why. (See if you can keep up with all these dang links….)

Last week, Abby was contacted by William Schroeder, the Austin representative for a group called On their site, AllDayBuffet claims they are a “social awareness brand for the cool kids” whose mission is to “connect the things we like with the things that matter most.”

One of the cornerstones of the AllDayBuffet agenda is their Cause for Drinks parties, organized by volunteers in five cities (so far). Again, according to the site, “We drink because we want to improve healthcare in Austin,” which is a better reason than mine.

Looks like the group’s on the right track: “We’ve raised over $5,000 in three months in 2007. That’s almost 2,500 drinks consumed. Enough to get a small town in Wyoming drunk for a week.” And that’s…. cool, I guess.

WHAT: Happy Hour to Benefit People’s Community Clinic
WHERE: Ninety Proof, Corner of 2nd St and Trinity
WHEN: Wednesday, Jan 16, 6:30 pm
WHY: $2 from every drink sold donated to PCC

For more information, view the eVite


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