Hey, NPO Communicators: Consider Twitter

So many possiblities on Twitter. If I were a nonprofit communications director (again), I would take advantage of this tool for keeping in touch with my board, my stable of volunteers, and my biggest donors, especially around the time of a big event.

Think about it: Let’s say you have a big fundraising event coming up. You get your biggest supporters signed up to receive your Tweets on their phone – these are just very short little messages you can text from your phone or computer whenever the mood strikes. So you send out a message like, “Finalized caterer today. Got a great deal on the mousse Andrea Ball liked so much!”

Just an occasional message to keep your event and your organization on their minds. It’s totally free, it’s ridiculously easy, and it’s even kind of fun. Who doesn’t like to get a little message on their phone? It doesn’t even have to be an action item, just a message like, “In talks with major corporation to donate a slew of office equipment… no more slumming it a Kinkos.”

I’ve put my Twitter feed on my blog (see left) because it lets me update the site from a phone text. It’s great for quick announcements, random thoughts, and reminders – and it’s a super-easy way to maintain contact with the people who support your mission the most. Let me know if you sign up because I’d love to receive your Tweets!


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