Build your own Peace Bench

Some of the 15 new Peace Benches created by and for the Austin community.

The Peace Benches are out!

At least the first batch of them. You remember our talking about the MLK Day of Service earlier this year, where the first Peace Bench premiered. The goal was to enlist volunteers to build, decorate, and distribute 100 Peace Benches over the course of the year, and last Friday the first 15 were sent out.

See the benches and where they are placed across the city with this link.

You should also check out the comment posted by Alissa Magrum, director of volunteer services for Communuties in Schools. She and about 14 other CIS staff members created four new Peace Benches a few weeks ago, and were very surprised by the emotion of the experience.

“Our benches will be placed in schools and community locations as places where mentors and their mentees can meet. Hopefully, the benches will inspire conversations and thoughts about the kind of community we want to live in and will carry a message of Hope. Hope for a peaceful world.”

Want to build your own Peace Bench? Contact Mando Rayo at Hands On Central Texas.


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