Mando Rayo: Volunteer pioneer and taco lover

From Mando\'s Taco Journalism blog

Tacos do not photograph well. In person, I rarely meet a taco I don’t like, but on a Web page the monochromatic tortilla/egg/potato combination – even with some pico – looks like something that got run over.

But, oh! You taco lovers know what I’m talking about. And this may sound a little off the GoodCause topic, but I’m finding lots of taco aficionados in this nonprofit world, and there aren’t many who love tacos as much as Mando Rayo, director of HandsOn Central Texas.

So there I was, blogging at 6 am this morning while my husband watches the local news, when I hear that familiar voice. Was he talking about the latest HandsOn Central Texas project? Giving us some startling statistics on the needs in Central Texas? Nope. Mando was telling us how much he loves to add refried beans to his tacos.

The man is a genius.

He and a group of friends are beyond taco lovers – they are taco journalists. Their Web site, Taco Journalism, chronicles their adventures exploring Austin’s taco options. The copy is right-on in tone and information. But the photos… well, it would take a really talented photographer with a special camera to make a taco look good.

Check out the FOX news story and his Taco Journalism blog for the photos and more.


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