Today: Sign to save polar bears

Endangered polar bears

There’s a scene in the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” with an animated  polar bear swimming across a warming Arctic Ocean trying to find a little island of ice to rest on. It’s a really moving scene. And whether the Arctic Ocean becomes too warm to maintain the polar bears’ habitat within 10 years or 100 years, anyone who’s watched the documentary should consider that scenario today.

According to, the Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne will decide whether to protect polar bears under the Endangered Species Act on Thursday, May 15. The site is collecting signatures to send to the Secretary over the next 24 hours.

To sign the petition, go here: SIGN PETITION to PROTECT POLAR BEARS

To slow down global warming, use less energy. That might help the polar bears – and any species not yet on the endangered species list.


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  1. can you please help me save the poler bears please callie.

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