Lucky, spoiled, foolish me

Sometimes things are perfect and I’m glad I recognize when that is, because I’m telling you, sometimes things are perfect for only a few minutes. We’re in the middle of a few of those minutes right now. The babies are healthy and tired after a busy and fun day. The kitchen is full of groceries and food for company tomorrow. The house is quiet and cool despite the humid, sticky night outside. Even the cat is purring under the table.

I’m listening to music – and not a Disney CD either, I’m talking my own music. The baby slept almost five hours in a row last night, so I’m feeling more energetic than usual. And I’m thinking about having … a glass of wine. I’ll probably chicken out and/or the baby will wake up to nurse before I do, but it’s fun to think about.

I feel like we’re at that time when we can finally get our lives back under control. God, that was stupid as soon as I said it. But let me explain…

The baby has developed kind of a schedule now, and the four-year-old can get himself ready for bed. I’m not all freaked out about the house being a little messy, even with company coming tomorrow. I haven’t sat down with the checkbook and bills in a couple of weeks, but the big stuff is on auto-payment and the little stuff can wait. Hell, even my husband was able to cut the grass today – all 0.49 acres – and wash the minivan and the truck. I’m telling you, people, all this for us is huge.

Are things actually getting easier? Are we getting better at getting things done? Or are we just learning to accept what we can’t do or have?

You know what? You know who doesn’t care? Me. Because I’m enjoying it while I can. I know what I have and what other people don’t have, so I’m just going to enjoy my blessings while I can, in the middle of these perfect few minutes.


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  1. I hope you had the wine!

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