Caritas’s clean, new Web site

Wow, what a major undertaking that must have been!

See, I’ve run and worked on Web sites for a living, so I know what it takes to perform a complete redesign. You don’t go in to it lightly. Oh, the planning, the meetings, the testing!

Throw in a complicated message like Caritas’s and you’ve got a major project on your hands. That’s why its new Web site is such an accomplishment. Caritas has been helping provide basic needs to the homeless, refugees, low-income families and others in Austin for more than 40 years. Its previous Web site never seemed to tell the whole story of what the organization does – which is everything from providing hot meals to transitioning refugees. The new Web site makes Caritas’s mission so much more clear. Less is more.

The navigation does all the work. The design is clean and open and white-spacey and modern, which is nice and all, but the way they’ve put the information in just seven drop-down menus is the big accomplishment. That must have taken some real discipline and tough choices.

Not only that, each page loads really quickly, which must have also taken some discipline. So many people want their site to have all these bells and whistles (or as one of my colleagues calls them, “spinning weasles”). Each page has an image, some copy, and just a few other links and logos, so it’s not painful to click through the whole site.

Congratualtions to Caritas and the team at Go9 Media, which helped with the design.


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