Every dog will have its day… thanks to Leona!

This from the New York Times today: In her will Leona Helmsley bequeathed almost her entire fortune to dogs. Well, originally she had said “people and dogs” but apparently she scratched out “people” in a revision.

The entire forture is somewhere between $5 and $8 billion. Billion. That is almost 10 times as much as the combined assets of all animal-related NPOs in the United States.

How in the heck could anyone spend that much money on just dogs? I’m sorry to ask that, but that’s a lot of money just for dogs. Think they’ll open that up to all animals? Or maybe dogs and their owners?

We’ll let the judge and executors figure that one out, but keep in mind that this is a woman who left almost millions to her dog, Trouble, who now needs $100,000 a year in security to protect it from folks who found that outrageous.

If you ever thought of starting a nonprofit for dogs, this might be a good time.


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