ILHIGH campaign starts asking questions

That’s the “in the know” acronym for the I Live Here, I Give Here campaign.

Looks like the RGK Center has begun conducting surveys and compiling data on how effective the campaign is so far. I received an email today from Dr. Sarah Jane Rehnborg “and The RGK Center Research Team” with a Survey Monkey link, so I took a few minutes to answer the questions.

Mostly it looks like they want to see if my attending these events “inspired” me to change/increase my charitable giving. They also asked me a question that I thought was interesting: They wanted to know if I was “uncomfortable” with some of the information I heard.

I attended the first “See Jane Give” event, and I don’t remember being too terribly uncomfortable with any information. But I understand the question. These are our personal finances we’re talking about, placed in the context of our personal beliefs as to whom deserves our money. I mean, that’s heavy stuff, and most of us don’t talk about stuff like this with people we just met.

Still, it felt kind of good to get it out in the open. But I wonder how much of that discomfort gets in the way of charitable giving? It’s one thing to tell people that you give, it’s another to tell people how much you give, and you’re either bragging or embarrassed when you talk about it – and either way you feel like a jerk.

I can’t wait to find out the results. In the meantime, we’ve been conducting our own survey on how much people know about the campaign. It’s totally unscientific, but we were surprised by the results. We’ll publish them in our first issue, which I swear to you will be here soon. I know, I know.

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