Aug 1: Celebrate Catalyst 8

I love it when organizations break out of how things are supposed to be done and just do it however they want. It can be a hard sell at the board meeting when this kind of thing comes up. You sit there with a group of people, brainstorming ideas for an event, when all of a sudden someone pipes up and says, “Hey, and we can charge, like, $88 and $108, and $288 for tickets. Get it? Eight? Like Catalyst 8?”

Dead silence.

But someone on the Catalyst 8 event planning commitee must have done a great job selling this one. Good for them!

Join Catalyst 8 as they celebrate their 3rd Anniversary at the …
Catalyst 8 BASH 08
Long Center for the Performing Arts.
Individual tickets for Catalyst 8 members are $88.00, $108.00 for nonmembers and $288.00 for Host Committee Members which includes 2 tickets and the VIP reception.
Live dance music by Sauce!

Get more information and buy tickets on the Long Center’s website.


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