Working moms volunteer more!

I just find this data on national volunteering rates so interesting. From the Corporation for National & Community Service report, Volunteering in America 2007:

  • About 29% of women volunteered last year, compared with about 23% of men.
  • Women with children have a higher rate of volunteering than those without.
  • Women who work have the highest volunteer rate.
  • Volunteers watch an average of 15 hours TV a week, non-volunteers watch an average of 23 hours a week.
  • People who live in mid-size cities are more likely to volunteer than people who live in big cities.
  • More people volutneer for religious causes than any other cause; runner-up is educational causes.
  • About 6% of all volunteers did volunteer work at least 120 miles from their homes (think Hurricane Katrina volunteers)
  • One out of every three people who volutneered in 2006 did not do so again in 2007.

And that last one is important. It’s great to bring new people to the volunteer crew, but if they don’t come back next year, maybe the experience wasn’t so great the first time. It’s all about having that satisfying volunteer experience, isn’t it?

Working women must have really satisfying volunteer experiences… I wonder where they’re volunteering?


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