OMG: Goodwill’s cool idea

I’m okay with used clothes. I had to share a wardrobe my whole life with two sisters, the three of us one year apart, so I’ve actually taken a shirt off someone else’s back and put it on mine. Did we ever fight about who was going to wear what? You’d be surprised… by my big sister’s natural left hook. I mean, the raw talent and brute force combo in that punch literally took my breath away.

So I’m cool with Goodwill shopping. I cruise the dusty racks often, especially since my two chitlins keep dipping in to my clothing allowance. I consider it a smart move.

But this Goodwill shopping event is borderline genius. First of all, they’re running this “Brand U” campaign to encourage people to “be creative and express themselves through clothing.” But as part of that campaign, they’re also running a sweepstakes. This from Andrea Ball’s column:

Everyone that registers between August 2-17 has the opportunity to win a $100 Goodwill shopping spree with a personal shopper/designer, hair cut/style/coloring, manicure/pedicure, a before and after photo shoot, and the chance to be a model in Goodwill’s next ‘Brand U’ shopping ad, courtesy of Salon Keriz’ma and Almost Impatient Productions.

I could do some damage with that $100, not to mention the needs of my gray hair and biscuit heels. Sign me up!

Just go to a Goodwill and sign up anytime between August 2 -17. Hey, look. I’ve got one right next door. Hmm. Lunchtime diversion.


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