Mobile Loaves & Fishes to go on 3rd IKE relief trip this weekend

Wow. For the past two weekends, Alan Graham has taken a team of volunteers and TONS of food down to the coast to help victims of Hurricane Ike, and they’ll be at it again this weekend. Here’s more from the Alangram:

Alan here. I just got back from the 2nd trip down to the Texas Gulf Coast for Hurricane Ike relief, and let me tell you something, I had a total blast!

The short version? We managed to serve over 900 burgers and dogs from the grill, 200 breakfast tacos from the “kitchen,” and 1200 meals from the trucks before we left Sunday. Even though my “dogs were barkin'” pretty loud by the end of the trip, I wouldn’t trade one second of the awesome fellowship for anything.

There is just a great feeling down there – everyone is full of gratitude and had already gotten to work fixin what Hurricane Ike broke. Everywhere I looked people were doing whatever they could to get back on their feet. I guess Hurricane Ike wasn’t familiar with a little saying we have where I’m from – DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!

Want to help? They need volunteers to help shop, load ice, make sandwiches, or load the trucks – and that’s all here in Austin. Or you can sign up to go with them. They stay at a church, which will offer shelter and showers, but you’ll need your own bedding. Oh, and they’ll also take money, of course.

See the details and sign up here.


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  1. Keep up the good work! Well do I remember tired “dogs” after serving 1200 meals off the back of a canteen. We’re heading back down next month with a Project417 volunteer team too. San Leon Texas needs help re-building…

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