OCT 1: EAT OUT today! Proceeds go to our food bank.

Tastes like Texas.

Tastes like Texas.

The Texas Department of Agriculture wants you to eat Texas more… as in, eat more foods we grow here in Texas. So they put together this event called “The GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up,” which I think is trying to accomplish too much….

1. Get you to eat Texas-grown food – Fine goal
2. Kick off Texas Wine Month – Again, fine goal. Nothing wrong with celebrating Texas wines.
3. Push the “Texans relate to cowboys” myth at us again – Really, how many Texans do you know know anything about ranches and cowboys? And by the way, are these the same people who order wine and fancy restaurants downtown?

STILL Goal #4 is totally worthwhile – Send proceeds of Texas meals to Capital Area Food Bank.

Here’s how you do it:
First you go to one of the 22 Austin restaurants listed here today, October 1, and order one of their specially prepared “Texas foods,” adding on a glass of Texas wine, just for good measure.
Next, you eat that food. Salud!
Then, you pay. Portions of the proceeds from that sale go to CAFB EXCEPT if you eat at TRIO at the Four Seasons Hotel, in which case ALL of the proceeds go to CAFB. (I knew I like Four Seasons.)

You know how to do all that. Take some Texan friends and enjoy your Texan food!

PS: I kinda don’t want you to know this so I have a better chance at winning…. but they’re actually running a contest, too. All you have to do is complete this short survey for and you’re entered to win some pretty incredible prizes. If you must ruin my chance of winning, go here.


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