When does a fundraising event really need publicity? (Hint: It’s not after the event.)

One of the reasons I started this blog/magazine was because I wanted to help other nonprofits raise money, from donors, sponsors, one-time givers… anybody.

When I was doing PR for a local nonprofit, I kept trying to get on the radar of the local media to get some coverage for our events. Too often I’d get the coverage after the event, after anyone could participate. Nice, but not really helpful.

I’d rather GivingCity help fundraisers when they need it most: before the event at the stage when they’re looking for sponsors.I know from experience you have to set an end-date for sponsorship in order to get all the sponsors on the printed materials in time. (Oh, that printing thing again. Such a nuisance.)

So you set the deadline for sponsorship more than a month before the event itself. Then you set a deadline for auction donations, another for ticket sales (so you can get a final number to the Four Seasons), and then scramble up to the last minute to work in any other revenue opportunities. FINALLY, you get a listing in the paper. By that time, all anyone can do is look for the party photos in Austin Monthly. And you hope they mark it on their calendars for next year.

So… if you’re working an event and looking for sponsors, auction items, anything, please let me know. I’d be happy to post your deadlines, even if they’re two months ahead of the event date. Let’s get those sponsor slots and tables SOLD!


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