Sat Oct 11: Help raise money to “green” low-income homes

Installing gutters, downspouts, and a rain barrel

Installing gutters, downspouts, and a rain barrel

The nonprofit formerly known as 1 House at a Time, now Rays of Hope, is having its first-ever fundraiser this Saturday, from 6 to 10 pm. Here’s why you need to pay attention to this organization and consider attending.

1. Rays of Hope helps low-income and elderly homeowners reduce their energy bills, sometimes by 50%. It does this by transforming these homes to be water and energy efficient.

2. Rays of Hope teaches homeowners to be more water and energy efficient to further the energy and cost savings.

3. Homeowners aren’t the only ones who benefit. You can volunteer to help in the “greening” and learn weatherization and energy-saving strategies as you work.

4. This is grassroots, y’all. Everyone’s welcome. The main menu will feature a fish fry, but they’ll also have brisket and pizza, plus a silent auction. They’re looking for a $15 per person donation, with kids under 12 free. All donations go to the home renovations for four Austin families.

Learn more about Rays of Hope and register to attend the event this Saturday night. Bring a friend.


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