Mando won’t sleep until you know more about poverty

Mando Rayo at Hands On Central Texas and United Way Capital Area is going to stay up for 24 hours and post once every hour to the Unted Way blog.

Now, I’ve stayed up late before. I mean, like, sick-late until 3, 4, 5 in the morning. But then I try to get some sleep, and maybe go to be by midnight the next night. Because I may be a working mom with a moonlighting blog and magazine on the side, but I’m not crazy.

Mando has chosen crazy over sleep, and for the next 24 hours starting half an hour ago, he’ll be awake. I’m going to link to him again here because you ought to check this out. For one thing, he’s got video. For another, he’s going to lay down some information about poverty in Austin I think will surprise you.

Click on over there and check him out.


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  1. bring it on cleetus!

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