What the MS 150 looks like from the power chair

In our first issue, Elizabeth Eckstein wrote about her participation in the MS 150 and what the ride means to her. She’s done three at this point, and she tends to be the star, with random people handing her presents, slapping her high-fives and cheering her on.

She’s not a rider, though. She’s an observer from a wheelchair. She was diagnosed with MS three years ago and she’s made a point to attend the ride to show support for the thousands who bike from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. Her friend, Bruce, is one of the riders, and she’s often accompanied by her sister.

No doubt Mimi has star power. Once again at this year’s ride, she drew the attention of total strangers, one being a reported from the San Antonio Express-News. You can read the story here.

More importantly, you can show you support for Mimi and the thousands of Texans who ride for MS and live with MS by donating.


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