Remarkable Austinites who just happen to your need help getting food

Sarah Andrews of Meals on Wheels and More wrote me last week with lots of great news about this longstanding organization. First the biggest news was that it is going to be the recipient of the money raised by next year’s Capital 10K race, which last year raised more than $180,000 for University Medical Center Brackenridge. (This is the best race I’ve ever run in Austin, BTW. Very well run.)

The other very big news is that the organization will premiere its documentary, “Wisdom in Their Own Words,” on Monday, November 17, and the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, complete with a red carpet for some of the “stars” from the documentary.

Recently, Meals on Wheels and More, Time Warner Cable, Texas Crew and Dan Rather teamed up to help tell the life stories of seven MOWAM clients, who have lived through some of the most trying times of the past century and whose words provide a unique and important perspective on the history of Austin and the importance of services like Meals on Wheels and More in so many people’s lives.

Do you know how people always say they want to have good stories to tell when they’re old? That’s what this documentary is all about. It will introduce you to some people you might have seen and ignored around Austin, and they will blow you away with their stories. These are the kind of stories an older person might tell you that make you want to go out and get a life, too.

There’s the man who lived through desegregation in Austin and four wars. There’s the woman who was a foster parent to more than 200 children. And there’s the man who was a POW for three years and marched three days with a wounded leg to keep from being shot.

What have you done with your life so far?

Sarah continues…

And we’re in the middle of a $5 million building expansion campaign. Based on population projections from the city demographer, we expect that we will need to prepare 2.1 million meals by 2020 to keep up with the demand for services – over twice what we prepare now. The addition to our building will allow us to primarily expand our kitchen facilities and client services department.

The least we can do is help these people and other Central Texans like them. They aren’t mobile enough to get their own meals, and that’s where MOWAM comes in. Consider donating and/or volunteering…. or at least watching the documentary.

However you go, you’ll learn a lot about Austin.


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