Save Reagan High School, continued

This Saturday, December 6th, volunteers have a chance to help prevent Reagan High School from being closed. Allen Weeks, who organized HopeFest in October to benefit the St. John neighborhood, is now recruiting for a community outreach effort that could improve school attendance and test scores. Consider giving a few hours this weekend to the families of Reagan High.

Allen e-mailed this request for help:

On Saturday, the Reagan teachers and community will be going out on a “Community Walk” to reach out to all 950 Reagan families. The goal is encourage higher attendance, greater family involvement, and to connect families in need with support services. Teams of two will go out from 9 am to 12 pm, visiting an average of 16 homes with a bag of information and “freebies” from the school, as well as a needs assessment form. There will be a brief conversation at each home, encouraging attendance and recording any questions the parents might have about their child’s progress.

This approach has been very successful at other schools in reaching out to families!

We will have about 25 staff out participating, but we need another 100 volunteers to reach every family.

Would you consider coming out and being part of the “Community Walk”?

We’ll meet at 9 am in the Reagan Cafeteria for breakfast tacos and a brief orientation, and then head out with assigned addresses and maps. All of the addresses are within a few miles of the school. You will have a script in spanish and English to guide you.

If you can come, go to:

This will take you to a brief sign-up page so that we know how many are coming.

If you can’t come, maybe you can spread to word to friends or a group that would want to serve. Feel free to forward this e-mail.

Thanks, again, for serving 4.500 folks at HopeFest and helping the St. John Community!


Allen Weeks


“Stand Up for Reagan” Community Action Team






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