Another story that makes you feel better about the world

I’ve been reading too many stories about these hard economic times and purse strings and recession and doing more with less… and I’m sick of them. In order to combat the almost overwhelming downer-ness of all this “news,” I’m reading – and re-reading – and posting and Tweeting stories that I find about people who have helped others. 

Found this really nice one in the NYTimes online today about an anonymous donor who asked folks to write him letters explaining why he should give them money. He received hundreds of letters, of course. In return, he mailed out hundreds of checks. 

By the way, this wasn’t during the recession, rather this was during the Depression… the one for which we use a capital D. Read the story here.


2 Responses

  1. That’s a pretty incredible story.

  2. By the way if you are curious, the $750 mentioned in the NY Times story that was anonymously donated by Mr. Stone to 75 families in 1930’s is the equivalent of about $12,000 today. The article said he sent out checks of about $5 to each family which is the equivalent of $77 today, according to an online inflation calculator! It would be nice to mail out such checks to needy families today – that can buy a lot of groceries for a week or two.

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