MLK Map: I see a story for the next issue

Torquil just finished this lovely map for Hands On’s MLK Peace Bench Project, and Mando’s “linked us up.” You should check it out.

So then it got us thinking… what a cool story it would be to run photos of each of these benches and then link them to Google Maps from the PDF… and then get some quotes from some of the volunteers who created these benches, talk to them about their work and what it meant for them to participate…

I mentioned somewhere (Twitter, I think) that I’d met with Nikki Kreueger, who does community affairs for Freescale, and she told me about an employee there who created a few of the benches all by herself… and that they were beautiful, hand-painted works of art. And that the woman did this as a volunteer, keep that in mind…

This is how these things start.As soon as the last one’s done I think, “Okay, this is our last GivingCity. I cannot work like that again. I look like caveman and feel like crap, and I haven’t slept in my bed in weeks.” And so on. And then I get this idea for a story…

Like our “Young Philanthropists” story, in which we’ll feature a dozen or so under-40 types who are going to build Austin’s culture of philanthropy. I want to find the future leaders in giving and charity, shoot them in a studio having a great time in front of the camera, write up little profiles of each (what they care about, why they make the commitment, how others can do the same), and spread it over about 8 pages. Then a story about the myths of Leadership Austin, which is a fantastic organization.

The rest of the issue is still wide open. Thinking about the Ya-Ya Club, this “Happiness Is” film screening next month, a really great essay from Katie Ford about a project that helps incarcerated women…

Okay, I guess we’ll do another one. Ugh.


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