We’re looking for Austin’s young philanthropists

Austin’s a great town for volunteers. In fact, we’re ranked among the top five cities for rate of volunteerism. Unfortunately, we still have a ways to go before hitting the top five list for rate of donations. Why are we so great at volunteering but not so great at donating locally?

Lots of people think it’s because we have such a young population. Young professionals, for example, may not have the means to make large donations, but they do show their commitment to the community through volunteerism. So it’s obvious we have a whole generation of caring, committed young people who will help build a culture of philanthropy in Austin. Now we just have to support, encourage, and recognize them.

In fact, we want to recognize a few of these young philanthropists in our next issue. We’re looking for people under 40-ish (no birthday deadline) who are going to become philanthropy leaders over the next few decades. Are you one of these people? Do you know someone who is?

Please send us their name, a little background like a Facebook or LinkedIn page, and some contact information by February 20. We’d like to invite them to a photo shoot later this month, and share their work with our readers.

Feel free to write me with any questions. Thanks for your help.




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