So many young philanthropists!

The response to our call for young-ish philanthropists has been incredible. Thanks to everyone who sent us a nomination.

The word “nomination” makes this sound like one of those event-oriented contests, which it isn’t.We really just wanted to recognize the young people in Austin who will help build the culture of philanthropy as the city matures and expands. And I don’t just mean that in the condos-and-development way; I’m talking about how the city will address the growing population of young Hispanics, the gentrification issues in East Austin, the incorporation of growing suburbs like Hutto and Buda… as well as the condos downtown.

We have the opportunity now to have an impact on what Austin will look like in the next five to 10 years, and we want to shout out to the young people out there who have laid a claim to that future. It’s not necessarily that they’re younger than 40, but more importantly, they’re people who are still excited about what could be, still energized by the possibilities, and compelled to make things better for everyone in Austin.

The next issue will feature a photographic story featuring these people and highlighting their contributions… so far. The story’s intent is to recognize them, show our support, encourage them to keep going, and inspire others to take an action, too. There’s one more day to send in a nomination (for lack of a better word). Thanks to everyone who’s responded so far!

To send a nomination, send me an e-mail!

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: Thank you to J. Blacks’s Lounge for donating the space for the photo shoot. They host many nonprofit events, and offer outstanding food and drinks in a gorgeous setting. I cannot wait to go back when I’m not working… !


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