Rays of Hope offers first Solar Photovoltaic Installation workshop

I’m posting this so late… ! But I wanted to get this out there to folks who’d written us about the story we ran in the last issue, the one about Rays of Hope.

Rays of Hope is the grassroots nonprofit created by Mike Frisch and Effie Brunson that brings energy-saving repairs and appliance upgrades to the homes of low-income residents. What’s so cool about the work they do is that they not only help people save money on utility bills – money they can use toward food and health costs – but they teach volunteers the skills they need to do this to their own homes.

Tomorrow, March 7, they’re giving their first workshop on solar photovoltaic installation. Send them a note now to learn more about it or attend the workshop yourself. If you’re looking for a way to contribute to the green movement in Austin, don’t miss this opportunity to see solar energy at work.

RAYS OF HOPE Solar Photovoltaic Installation Workshop
Saturday, March 7,  2:00-3:00
This is your chance to see firsthand the work they’re doing to make local low-income families’ homes energy efficient and deliver affordable, accessible renewable energy education opportunities to the general public.


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