Chasing Kerry Tate and the April 10 GENaustin fundraiser

There’s a group in Austin that I simply must know more about: Civic Interest. From what I’ve found out through Google, “…Civic Interest, a group venture for civic entrepreneurs advising clients on local issues and new initiatives. A central focus of the work of Civic Interest is research, including continuing and expanding LeaderTrack, an interactive opinion poll of regional leaders, which TateAustin launched last year. Business and civic leaders helping shape the future of Austin will be invited to join Civic Interest. ”

The group recently snagged David Balch, the now-former president and CEO of United Way Capital Area. Not sure who else is among its “civic entrepreneurs,” but the group has its roots in TateAustinHahn, the giant PR firm that has lent its support to about 50 good causes in Austin and helps train civic leaders. So, great place to start.

One of its founders – if not THE founder.. I’m not sure – is Kerry Tate, the Tate in TateAustin and the former CEO of that firm. Everyone is Austin has heard of her, of course, but I’m dying to know more about her – specifically her vision for Austin. (You know she’s got to have one.)

That’s why I’m going to attend the GENaustin benefit on April 10. I know, bad idea, right? She’ll be surrounded by dozens of followers trying to get her attention, shake her hand, get in her circle, and there I’ll be with my dinky request for an interview. “Hi, Kerry, I’m Monica. Can I call you sometime?”

Hey, I’ve done it before. Sometimes I get a number.

In the meantime, consider attending the event yourself. Great speaker, great cause, and all at the gorgeous Mexican American Cultural Center, just a couple of blocks from the convention center.

“Redefining Your Brand Image,” featuring Kerry Tate
Friday, April 10
8 am to 9:30 am
Mexican American Cultural Center
Tickets $25
GENerate Membership for ALL GENaustin events, $300
Proceeds of GENerate go directly to GENaustin’s programs which serve the girls of central Texas. 

Visit for more information.

Looking to address how branding works in today’s volatile economy, the Girls Empowerment Network of Austin (GENaustin), will host a fundraising event, “Redefining Your Brand Image,” featuring Kerry Tate, former CEO and President of THE powerhouse public relations firm, TateAustinHahn.  

 “We’ll explore how people, places and things build reputation; an identity something quite different than recognition.  It’s what most of us wish we had known as young leaders in this world,” said TateAustinHahn Senior Council Kerry Tate.
Tate has helped create recognizable brands and marketing campaigns for Austin Energy, Whole Foods, and First Night Austin.  During her discussion she will be addressing how to create a brand, the importance of brand placement in the marketplace, the positioning of a brand in the workplace, and how the development of personal identity as a “brand image” can impact the future success of Generation Y and beyond.  Joining Tate will be Steve Harper, acclaimed author of The Ripple Effect, an innovative book on connection building and social and professional networking.


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