Thank you, supporters and new readers

I have not said thank you to the people who are helping us grow this blog and magazine about Austin philanthropy, and I’m so sorry to have waited this long.

Most recently, Austin Children’s Museum has added a link to GivingCity to its monthly e-mail to members and supporters. We are extremely grateful for this as it opens GivingCityto the possibility of thousands more readers. We will continue to keep you all in mind as we sort through local nonprofit news and information to bring you the “news you can use ” that will help you be bigger and better contributors to our community. Please let us know if we can do this better, and welcome to GivingCity.

We’re also grateful to United Way Capital Area and Hands On Central Texas for their guidance and for including us in their emails to their supporters as well. These organizations … really, the PEOPLE (John, Mando, all of you) at these organizations, are so innovative, civic minded, creative, and energized, and we’ve been feeding off that energy for about two years as we continue to grow GivingCity.

Other organization have been extremely supportive, like the people at Leadership Austin, Capital Area Foodbank, and Greenlights for Nonprofits. I’ve been a fan of their work for years, and it’s great to be able to turn to them for guidance, advice, and content that keeps GivingCity relevant to Austin.

Local businesses have also been extremely supportive. These tend to be businesses that make generosity, civic engagement, and nonprofit support a part of their successful business model. Give Realty and J. Blacks come to mind. Again, thank you so much. You don’t have to support our fledgling business, but you do.

More recently, we’re gaining new support – and just as important, cheerleaders – in the young professionals network of organizations. We’re even hearing from people who find us via Twitter and DM me just to say, “Keep up the good work!” Everything you do – from inviting us to events, to including us in your emails, to sending us ideas for content, and even the little e-high-five’s – keeps us going.

And it’s really hard to do that these days when everything else in the world is telling us that there’s no way we should be starting a business now, much less a magazine. But I think if we keep trying to be responsive to you, we’ll stay relevant, and that will someday allow us to make this something we can do for a living. It will take quite a long time to get there, and I’m actually looking for a job and/or contract work that will allow me to support my family and keep GivingCity going on the side.

But until then, thank you for reading, downloading, and sending it to other people. It’s amazingly gratifying to hear that we might be helping the community by putting this content out there – that’s our goal.


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