Nonprofits have very few resources for marketing, and one of the costliest items on the list is marketing collateral. Good design costs money, but sometimes you can get it for free (or cheap). We care about design (and I hope it shows), so we want to give special recognition to those folks who also care about design and care about the community.

THE CHALLENGE: You need invitations for the fundraiser, you need brochures for the conference, you need an annual report… but you have no money to make them and everything you make looks … really kind of bad.

THE SOLUTION: You ask a professional designer to create something fantastic… for free or next to nothing. It’s so hard to ask the designer to work for less than what they would otherwise charge, but the trade-off for the designer is that they get more creative freedom, something to build out their portfolio, and (don’t forget) a big shout-out of thanks.

OUR “CONTEST”: We’re looking for great pro-bono, nonprofit collateral. Nonprofits, board members, volunteers, donors, and even designers: Please send us samples/images of the great work a talented designer did for you, for free. We’ll showcase it in our next issue.

CRITERIA: The work has to have been for a nonprofit. It has to have been donated or almost free. It has to have been created within the past 12 months. It can be the work of a pro, a talented amateur, or even a giant design firm.

THE POINT: Promote and recognize great design in the nonprofit community, and thank the people who donate it. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

Email submissions(small files, please) or mail submissions to GivingCity Austin, P.O. Box 90264, Austin TX 78709.

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