What-all is happening with GivingCity 3

There’s a nice mesh of content going on with the third issue, which I think is cool.

1. The big feature will be the photo story about Austin’s young philanthropists. We required that all participants not only exhibit remarkable effort in giving, volunteering, and charity, but that they be extremely good looking. So you’re going to really like that one. Shot by Owen Laracuente, very talented photographer.

2. After that, we’ll have a story by Tiffany Hamburger (remember that name, she’s huge) about Leadership Austin, which seems to produce the brightest young philanthropists. I asked her to go into it with an attitude that Leadership Austin is snooty, that they only accept students with connections and money. What do you think?

3. I’m working on our third feature, and it’s really interesting to me. I’m asking folks if they think there are too many nonprofits in Austin. See previous post. EVERYBODY has a different answer.

4. And speaking of too many nonprofits… our fourth feature (yes, four features) is about an excellent project highlighting collaborations among nonprofits. The truth is, it happens because it HAS to happen. Nothing would get done otherwise, folks, and let’s be grateful that nonprofits do not operate like a business – they would never share.

We’ll also have fun and gorgeous photos from Austin Under 40 Awards, this month’s Twestival, Theatre Action Project’s Big Kid Birthday Bash and others. These are events you guys should know about, I think.

“Yes, but when’s the dang issue coming out, Monica? Geez!”

I’m glad you asked. Well, my kids are on Spring Break and Torquil’s mother is in town, so family weighs heavily on the production schedule this week… but we’re blowing them off as much as our consciences will allow. So watch for our e-mail within the next 10 days.

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