SUN MARCH 29: Celebrate Cine! Fabulous fundraiser for Latin American film festival

Received this from David Rice, who’s been a part of Cine Las Americas International Film Festival for years. If you don’t know what Cine Las Americas is – and if you know or care anything about film – this is a great discovery.

The festival screens narrative and documentary feature and short films, as well as experimental, animation and youth films in competitive and non-competitive sections. This event is complemented with repertoire and special screenings, currently bringing an average of 100 films and 35 filmmakers from Texas, the United States, Latin America and the rest of the world to 3,500 attendees in Austin.

And the event below is a fundraiser for Cine. Beautiful, creative people attend this event. So, you know, you have to be there.

Hello my dear beloved friends!

As you all know, I’m on the board of Cine Las Americas and we are having our annual fundraiser on March 29th, from 6 to 9pm at the Gibson Showroom in South Austin!

Tickets are $30 bucks a person and there will be food, booze, Music by Charanga Cake Walk (with Michael Ramos and Brian Ramos…and no, they are not brothers) and DJ  Trey Lopez at the spinning wheel.

This year Cine Las Ameicas is focusing on movies from Chile! Viva Chile! Over twenty films from Chile.

We will have some great auction items as well as crazy conversations, dancing, and lots of smiles!

So many of you have attended in the past and I always enjoy your company. I hope you can make it.


david rice


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