SUN APRIL 5: Peace, Love & Happiness Charity Motorcycle Ride is right up my alley

My husband got T-boned on his Harley a few years ago. He got severely bumped up and the FXR was totaled. I’m grateful Norwood was able to call me from the emergency room to explain why he was late going home, but I’m sad for him and his Harley.

Norwood had rebuilt it by hand, and it had taken him years and thousands of dollars to repair. The guy who hit Norwood didn’t have insurance, so he’s out driving around happy and we’re out a motorcycle, a healthy back and pair of legs, and thousands of dollars in medical bills.

But what goes around, comes around, right? If Norwood DID still have his Harley still, we’d be all over this ride. Because it’s so cool.

Peace Love Happiness Ride & Concert
April 5, 2009

It’s Springtime and that means its the best time of the year to ride a motorcycle in Central Texas. This year, the Charity Ride is FREE!

Join us on April 5th for the 7th annual Peace Love Happiness Ride for a ride in the nearby Texas Hill Country. The ride on Sunday is followed by a final concert at The Backyard with Guy Forsythe. Tickets to the concert are $20 and benefit the charities. It’s always a blast and the ride is escorted by local law enforcement.

Led by Paul Mitchell CEO John Paul DeJoria and his celebrity friends, this ride benefits Austin Children’s Shelter and The 100 Club of Central Texas — 100% of the proceeds go directly to the charities!
Charity Ride — FREE
Sunday, April 5th
Be part of the escorted Charity Ride and then join us for a concert.  The hour-long ride starting at Cowboy Harley-Davidson is free!  We finish the ride at The Backyard for a final concert. Riders must register for the ride.  Get the details here.

Concert at The Backyard with Guy Forsythe
Sunday April 5th — $20 per person
Enjoy live music with Guy Forsythe for a final concert at The Backyard.  Doors open at 1:00 p.m. You don’t have to ride a motorcyle to enjoy the great music!

Purchase Concert Tickets Online!

PS: The April 4th VIP ride – at $1000 a bike – has sold out. But you can still ride with the cool kids on April 5th.

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  3. Hey, thanks! You know, I use Firefox, too, and it looks fine to me. I wish there were a way to help you, but I use, which doesn’t leave me many options for optimizing it for the various browsers.

    Thanks for reading, though!

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