We’re lucky to think of this as an adventure

A friend of mine sent me an email this morning.

He’s trying to get his PhD while working full-time, one of his sons might be gay, and his wife just had her job at the local high school elminated. “They decided to use the stimulus money for slip ‘n slides at the middle school,” he said.  

“That’s the digest from Maine! What’s the scoop? Still got your job?”

First of all, I love this man. Whether he’s worried or not, he doesn’t show it. He writes this as if it’s all just one big adventure.

It’s going to be fun to write him back and tell him that, no, in fact, I don’t still have my job. And full-time work also eludes my part-time work husband. And daycare for my two children costs $1800 a month, but if I pull them out and then get a job, I’ll have a hard time getting them in another school, and it took them a month to be able to walk into this one. Oh, also that one of us is about to be one of the 1-in-4 currently without health insurance in the state of Texas because that costs our family $1600 a month. Oh, and the minivan is making a weird noise.

“That’s the digest from Austin!”

And yet… we are both so damn lucky. Don’t think I don’t know it. Somehow we’ll make it through all of this. Some of it, in fact, has been fun. And the best part of it all is receiving all the help from friends and family. They feel great because they can finally show us in a tangible way how much they care, we feel great because we get to see it.

I wish more people got to experience this. Okay, that sounds weird. What I mean is, for those people who live closer to disaster than we do, who live there more often, I wish them the support, love, and patience from their friends and family.

The ones who don’t have it or have worn it out turn to strangers. Charities, agencies, donations, a helping hand, you, us. Wouldn’t it feel good to help?


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