Weird! Free breakfast, free dinner this week

I just got an email from IKEA advertising, among other things, free breakfast this Friday – Sunday. And earlier today, I heard via Twitter that Threadgill’son Lamar is giving away free CFS, CFC, and catfish dinners all week (tell them you heard it on the radio).

I know I can be pretty naive and sentimental, but doesn’t it  just make you feel like people are looking out for each other? Yes, I know, to get the free breakfast from IKEA you have to wander all the way through the store, and chances are you’re going to buy something. And I know you can’t go to Threadgill’s and not get pie. They’re going to make money off the deals.

But still. Free food! It reminds me of when I was at Southwestern, working at Cafe on the Square, mostly for the free CFS, and bumming the rest of week because I had to scrounge around for free meals. I would have been all over this.

What a strange world. You have to admit this economy is an adventure. And if you don’t think so, try getting a table at Threadgill’s tonight.


One Response

  1. I live in a chest of drawers in the IKEA store on 35, so I can’t wait!

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