Dream Dinners looking for families in need of three months’ of meals

We started doing Dream Dinners a few years ago, driving all the way up to the Mesa location until they opened the Sunset Valley store closer to our home. If you’re not familiar with Dream Dinners, here’s how it works:

You go online and browse the schedule of available times. You’re going to do the assembling of meals, not the cooking, but it can still take from half and hour to more than an hour (depending on how much chatting you do with the other guests). Then you pick at least six meals to assemble from their menu, which changes every month. Pay online with your credit card, then show up for your time.

When you get there, they give you an apron and the list of meals you purchased. Each meal serves about six people, but you can break a meal into two servings of three. Then you wash your hands and go over to that meal’s station, where – and this is the great part – all of the pans and ingredients are pre-cut and ready to throw together. It’s like having your own personal sous chef.

If you happen to book the same time as a few friends, you can bring a bottle of wine and make a little cooking happy hour out of it. Just… stay…focused…Monica… and don’t confuse the ginger with the horseradish…

What makes Austin Dream Dinners great is that it’s owned and operated by two really fantastic women who are always there. I mean, like, always. This is their life. And they’ve been very successful businesswomen, and they deserve it.

I recieve their emails with notices of specials, new meals, etc. But this email was different.

Dream Dinners Is Now Taking Applications for Families Who Need a Helping Hand

Dream Dinners will provide three Austin families in need with free meals for three months as part of our Feeding Families In Need Outreach Program. We will collect nominations for families in need until May 18 and our review committee will select three families no later than June 1. Once the families are chosen, they will immediately be notified and will be able to order their first of three months worth of dinners.

Applications can be found at:

• Sunset Valley Homestead, 5207 Brodie Ln., Austin, TX 78745, 512-358-8833
• Mesa Woods, 8127 Mesa Dr., Austin, TX 78759, 512-342-6860
• RR 620 N, 12129 RR 620 N., Austin, TX 78750, 512-401-2800

You may also email sunsetvalleyhometx@dreamdinners.com or fax 512-358-8377 to obtain or submit an application.


I’m having a hard time not nominating myself, but if you can think of a few families who could use a break from groceries, please let Dream Dinners know.


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