VIDEOS: We ask McCracken/Leffingwell about growing culture of philanthropy in Austin

The United Way’s Spring Day of Caring event always brings out the crowds, and the most recent on April 24 was no different. This time, though, it also brought out the mayoral candidates.

Candidates addressed the crowd of volunteers, encouraging them and mostly staying away from any campaign talk. It was nice to have their support. Brewster McCracken talked a bit about Austin’s great spirit of giving; JD Gins, who showed up for an ill Lee Leffingwell, made similar comments to the crowd; and Carole Strayhorn threw some energetic one-liners that sounded like they truly came from the heart. (I heard she stayed for the whole morning, working on a volunteer project.)

After the pep rally, we spoke to McCracken, Leffingwell, and Strayhorn, though an equipment malfunction totally ruined the interview with Carole. Sorry, Mrs. Strayhorn. (Thanks to the Leffingwell team, who let me borrow the rechargeable batteries from their own Flip.)

We chatted with them about volunteering and asked for their thoughts on how Austin could do philanthropy better. See the videos below.

A couple of things here intrigue me, mostly J.D.’s reference to a “Mayor’s Corp.” I wonder how this will turn out?

Thanks for the invitation, United Way. And thanks for letting me bring my son along. He took some … interesting photos. Might post those later.


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