NEW! GivingCity Austin Issue 3

 GivingCity Austin Issue 3 cover

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Inside this issue:

The New Philanthropists
We photograph the young, active, and engaged people making a difference in Austin now.

Are There Too Many Nonprofits in Austin?
“Yes, no… maybe. That depends.”  We let the experts have their say.

Unscripted Collaboration
The We Are One video proves nonprofits can – and do – work together.

Tom Spencer on Austin’s philanthropic culture.
An all-girls football game for charity.
What you don’t know about Goodwill.
The “social entrepreneur” poster child.
What’s so cool about Leadership Austin?
Teaching philanthropy in schools.
New Austin-born films about giving.
Mando Rayo’s argument for social media.
Katie Ford’s encounter with the convicted.
DJ Stout’s SIGNS for change.
…and photos from the fundraising event, Austin Under 40.

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9 Responses

  1. Another wonderful issue! Incisive, thoughtful journalism, superbly packaged as ever.

    Congratulations and please keep up the good work.
    John Turner

  2. Monica-
    Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into Giving City..It is an amazing asset to Austin.

  3. Amazing issue Monica. I look forward to devouring every page. Radass work.

  4. What a beautiful issue! I love the article about Leadership Austin and busting the myths. I am so proud of all the New Philanthropists as well. And beautiful pics of the We Are One campaign behind the scenes.

  5. […] Behind the scenes with non-profit rock stars circa Giving City Last month, a few of my non-profit rock star pals and I had the distinct honor of being featured in Giving City magazine for our We Are One Central Texas campaign. The coverage consisted of a “behind the scenes” feature about the video shoot and highlighted the campaign and can be found on page 36 of Issue 3. […]

  6. Love your online magazine! Austin needs this!! Great work Monica and team.

  7. Beautiful new issue Monica. Torquil, you’re so talented.

  8. Bravo to all! Innovative design + and interesting content. A winning combination.

  9. Great new issue, ya’ll! Love the look – what great photography and design. Keep ’em comin’ – Austin’s super lucky to have this kind of bad-ass talent and effort showing up onscreen!

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