Not how I remember Sunday school

I attended teacher training for Sunday school at my church today. I had no idea there were such advanced and complicated curricula! What ever happened to rote memorization of Bible verses and horrifying stories of beatings for sin? For this program, we’re going to have to make sure students are engaged and empowered. As opposed to restless and slightly terrified.

See, I grew up going to Catholic church but spent my first two years in a private Baptist school. Can you tell?

In catechism it didn’t seem like the teachers really cared if were were “engaged” or not. They just wanted to get through the hour without one of us realizing we were being held against our wills in the church basement and there was nothing they could do to stop us if all us kids just walked out. (Daydreaming about this was the only way I could make it through.)

I think my parents figured out we weren’t the catechism types, so we wound up sitting with them for the whole mass and trying to focus on depressing things so we wouldn’t bust out laughing at… well, anything really. There were four of us kids, and all it took was for one of us to turn and make a funny face at another one of us, and it was over.

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, I can say I probably spent equal amount of church time in catechism, the chapel, and the car. Later, like in high school, I got into it more. But from 0 to about 13 years old, I spent the entire time in church wishing I were somewhere else.

My goal, then, as a Sunday school teacher, is to make sure none of my Kindergartners wishes they were somewhere else. How hard could it be?

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