Win a FREE Wish List Jersey!

Win this Free Wish List Jersey

In 1999, Alissa Magrum and Tammy Stanley met while training for a Texas AIDS ride. Both had HIV-positive family and friends and both were avid “ride for the cure” participants.

“The riders are incredible, and their stories are just so moving,” says Magrum. “We all just bond.”

Wanting to tell their story, Magrum and Stanley reached out to Brian Andreas, a writer well-versed at summing up huge emotions and hope at the same time. He came up with this story:

I wish you could have been there for the sun & the rain & the long hard hills.

For the sound of a thousand conversations scattered along the road.

For the people laughing & crying & remembering at the end.

But mainly, I wish you could have been there.

Stanley, a graphic designer, took the story and, with permission from the writer, designed the Wish List Jersey. They’ve sold thousands to riders who want to honor someone they’ve lost. And all proceeds from the sale of the jersey got to AIDS, cancer, and various other disease-fighting nonprofits in Central Texas.

WIN THIS JERSEY: It’s easy to enter: Just comment on this post and tell us why you participate in a ride, run, or walk for the cure – any cause or organization will work, as long as it’s a race that benefits a health-related nonprofit.

We’ll review the entries and pick a winner. Please make sure to leave a valid email address.

Get more information about the Wish List Jersey (valued at $100).


5 Responses

  1. I’ve ridden in 2 “cause” rides: MS 150 & Livestrong so far and will continue to move forward because others I know can’t.

    I wish that you would have known that I couldn’t have gotten through 80 miles that beautiful day without you in my mind, telling me to keep going. I wish we had known each other, but I’m blessed to be a good friend of your son and even more blessed to have the ability to ride that far for something so important.

    Oh dad, I think you’d have been absolutely blown away by the love and inspiration that was shared this past Sunday. So many survivors riding along side so many of us that lost the people we love the most was tear-jerking but also empowering. I made it through those crazy-ass hills because of your memory and your love. I can’t wait to keep on rolling for you.

  2. Wow. Really beautiful. Thanks for entering.

  3. The opportunity to do something for someone you love is automatic, it’s a no-brainer. The opportunity to do something you love for someone you love just seems like a natural extension. And the opportunity to do something you love for someone you love and at the same time benefit countless others whom you don’t even know…well, it’s just such a great feeling, how could you not do it.

    By God’s grace, I am healthy and able-bodied and believe it is my duty as a member of a compassionate society to do whatever I am able to do to help those who are less fortunate – whether they be friends, family or complete strangers. I ride (and run and walk and provide support) because it is something I can do to bring hope and comfort to others.

    You are giving away a beautiful jersey but I am not writing this to win a jersey. I am writing this in the hope someone else will read the words and maybe decide that it is within their power to become part of the solution, too.

  4. Thanks, Don. Very nice of you. It’s a great jersey, isn’t it?

  5. Per the WishList website, “the original sketch for the design was created by world famous artist Brian Andreas of StoryPeople and adapted for a cycling jersey by Tammy.” Just wanted to clarify because Brian Andreas is an incredible artist and deserves credit.

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