GivingCity Austin Issue #4

Cover of GivingCity Austin Issue 4

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Inside this issue:

John Thornton launches the new Texas Tribune website, the $4 million nonprofit. Learn how you can help reduce the number of high school dropouts in Austin. Sara Hickman offers the merits of volunteering with your children. Thousands of state employees in Central Texas give millions to local charities every year – who knew? The Lance Armstrong Foundation is a global organization with a local commitment. Just because you’re unemployed doesn’t mean there’s not work you can do. Dozens of small churches are cropping up in Central Texas, ready to serve. Finally understand what all this Obama “call to action” business is about. Alissa Magrum starts a nonprofit with a jersey and a dream.

WIN A WISH LIST JERSEY! We’re giving away a Wish List Jersey to the person who best describes their reason for participating in a “ride for the cure.” Do you ride for someone you care about? Have you participated in a ride that had a particular impact? DOWNLOAD this issue and visit the WIN A WISH LIST JERSEY page to enter.

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5 Responses

  1. […] Being that’s their goal, we were pleased to see their most recent issue highlighting church planting in Austin and the good they are doing in and for the city.  Specifically they highlighted interviews with […]

  2. […] Austin New Church and Soma Austin are featured in the latest edition of GivingCity Austin magazine. The article is called “Austin’s Church Plants” and begins on page 16. The PlantR […]

  3. […] In the latest issue of GivingCity we ran a story about the thousands of state employees who donate millions each year to Central Texas charities. We made this sample of different organization’s contributions from a random selection of agencies. I thought the contrast between the different agencies was shocking – even after you take into account the number of employees per agency. In the magazine I had to make this graphic fit to the spread, but I made this version so that I could show all the information unhindered by the page-size. After realizing I had all this empty space on the right, I also decide to place the actual pages from the story on the graphic – they remain readable. You can see the original after the jump, or download the whole issue here. […]

  4. […] contributed this to our latest issue of GivingCity Austin, and I thought it was worth excerpting here for those of you who might need a dose of inspiration […]

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