Maybe our last issue GivingCity Austin ….

The issue above – Issue 4 – will be our last issue. That is to say, until we can afford to make another.

I’m beat. My family wants me to come home. My boss is wondering what I’m working on. And my credit card companies are wondering why I can’t pay them off. How do I explain to them that I’m spending the all my free time and extra money on a project that pays me zilch?

GivingCity has paid off in some ways. The praise is very nice, as are the thanks from the organizations and people we write about. From the emails, requests for introductions, and feedback we get, it feels like we’re having an impact. And clients have hired us for other projects because of GivingCity. All of that’s good. But at some point, and especially in this economy, we need to see a financial return.

We haven’t given up all hope. We’d love to see GivingCity return, and so we’re going to stay plugged in to the community. In the meantime, we’re looking for collaborators, funders, angel investors, and/or winning lottery tickets.

Finally a request and a piece of advice:

1. If you are looking for a custom publication – digital or print – and you have a budget, please contact us at

2. If you are thinking about starting an online publication, website, or other form of media and you have no money… be prepared to bust ass, risk your job, and kiss-up to your spouse. Or else make real nice with a millionaire. (Just make it sound like their idea. That works best.)

Thanks for your support!


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