Here’s 3 awesome ideas and resources I had to share

Really nice, enterprising people reach out to me all the time to tell me about an idea or ask for help making connections. Here are a few cool projects from Texas I thought you should know about.

1. MiniDonations

Leo Ramirez is one of the forces behind MiniDonations, for which I propose the following (terrible) tagline: “Don’t take your change, make some change.” Get it?

Well, what Leo’s trying to do is get folks like you and me, nonprofits, retailers and banks to create this system that would allow you to round-up your purchases to the nearest dollar, then take that change and put it toward the nonprofit of your choice. It’s still in development, but they have a great site and Leo’s making great progress.

2. Challenge

This is a social media, goal-oriented application you can use to encourage people and/or groups to, for example, “Volunteer 10 hours this month at a local charity” or “Organize a neighborhood fundraiser.” Using Facebook Connect, participants in the Challenge can invite their friends and post updates and progress to their social profiles.

Challenge is one of the first recipients of the Facebook Developers Fund, so keep an eye on this one. I think they’re interested in engaging nonprofits (though from the site, you may not be able to tell). Use your imagination! How can you enable your audience to use the Challenge app on their Facebook page? Hmmm.

3. Usey Communications

Kim Usey has about a million years of experience in journalism and nonprofit communications, and she just announced that she’s open for business as a consultant. If your nonprofit staff has been struggling with this whole “social media thing,” or just communications in general, Kim can help you come up with a plan, manage it, provide the actual copy for your communications and everything in between. She’s worked for some heavy-hitters, so trust me – Kim can handle your organization’s needs.

Keep them coming!


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