Great time at our little happy hour last night

Jackie Rogers of United Way, John Turner of Southwest Key and a friend from Southwest Key

I wanted to thank everyone again for their good wishes and support. We had a little happy hour last night… I never get out… so it was really fun. Even my husband got to come!

Here, a few photos. The party was at the lovely and very dark Vino Vino, which was wonderfully understanding and accommodating for our small crowd.

Some of the other folks who joined us were Amber Fogarty and her brother Billy of SOS Leadership, David Davenport of Capital Area Food Bank, Omar Gallaga of the Statesman, Martin Montero, Brent Lyles of Austin Youth River Watch, Robin Bradford of CASA, Salvadore Castillo of @salvocheque, Narissa Johnson of Safeplace, Claire England, Matthew Parente of Hubvine… and lots of other really cool, nice people. I can’t wait to hear from you guys with feedback and input for our next issue.

Tom Spencer of AAIM and Mando Rayo of Cultural Strategies

Victoria Gutierres of Apex Auctions, Melanie Chasteen of Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Layla Fry of Southwest Key

Mando, Laurie Loew of GiveRealty and Rob Grady of Nextscreen

One Response

  1. How wonderful! I wish I had been able to go but I had to work. Vino-Vino has hosted many charitable events and they are outstanding community patrons!
    HOWEVER, come on guys ūüė¶ Let’s get some lights up when people are taking pictues, K?

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