Hurry! Make Chase send big money to Austin via Facebook

UPDATE: Four of the nonprofits below won $20,000 each from Chase. Congratulations, and thanks for all your votes!

Are you on Facebook?

You might have heard about Chase Community Giving’s ongoing campaign to give $5 million in donations to 200 charities across the country. They’re asking Facebook users to vote for their favorite charity; Chase will give the top vote-getter $250,000, the five runner-ups $100,000 each, and the rest in the top 200 $20,000 each. Ch-ching.

Here’s the thing: Voting ends Monday! And five Austin charities in the top 200!

I’m not a fan of these corporate marketing schemes cloaked as philanthropy, but I’m a big girl, I know how this stuff works, and… I mean, it’s $20,000. So go!

Austin charities in the running for the prize as of this writing are:

#117 Cedar Park High School Band Boosters, 1071 votes
#118 Colombian Orphanages, 1070 votes
#135 Little Helping Hands, 1035 votes
#141 Walter Diez Molina Fund, 1019 votes
#177 Challah for Hunger, 973 votes

Marissa Vogel, executive director of Little Helping Hands, tells me the nonprofits have been working together to make sure they all stay in. “We’ve been working so hard on this for a month now,” she says. “It’s one thing to ask people to do it, but then they actually have to do it!”

So we’re going to make this simple:

1. Click here. Log on to Facebook if you have to.

2. Go to the green “Voting Open Now” and click “Like.” Follow instructions from there.

3. To vote for the above nonprofits, best go to the “Leaderboard” tab and click though until you get to the Austin charities.

You can vote for up to 20 nonprofits. So go crazy! Let’s get $100,000 to Austin charities!

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