Nonprofits: Free Laptops!

All right, nonprofit professionals, quiz time: Does your organization need a few extra laptops? Would you like them for free? (I’ll give you a hint: The answer to both questions is yes).

You’re in luck, then! The Austin/San Antonio-based accounting firm Padgett, Stratemann, & Co. is accepting applications for it’s biannual laptop giveaway program. They’ve got 40 laptops to give away, and non-profits in the Austin or San Antonio areas can apply for up to three each. That means at least 14 organizations will be selected, and the application’s so short there’s no good reason not to apply. Applications are due November 15, so get on it!

Says managing partner John Wright: “Updated technology is important to the success of all organizations, and non-profits are often operating on tight budgets. While we give as a firm, we wanted to create an initiative that addresses a specific and meaningful need within leading non-profits.” Sounds like they’ve done enough accounting for nonprofits to get a pretty good feel for the whole “tight budget” thing.

Interested in applying? You can find the application here.

5 Responses

  1. link appears to be broken…

  2. Whoops! I’ve fixed the link. It ought to be working now. If for some reason it’s still not working, you can access the program from Padgett Stratemann’s website at


  3. Applications are due November 15th!

  4. Thanks, Brent. I’ve updated the post to reflect that.


  5. Great program but dang, they’re giving away Dell laptops and we’re dedicated longtime Mac users.

    That said, thanks for passing along this great information, Monica.

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